About Me

Visual artist

Beautiful France was where I was raised and eclectic Asia is where I grew as a person. This sets the backdrop to my personality and my career choices and also what makes me truly happy.

I am passionate about experiences and learning new things which is why I weaved through a few different career paths while living in Hong Kong and I loved the journey. Eventually we settled in Singapore which was a real game changer for me since I moved to a larger house (as opposed to a rabbit hole in Hong Kong) , I had more time on my hands (since my children were older), and a growing underlying desire to start painting furniture was born again.

It all began in France many years ago. It was a hobby I discovered when my husband and I purchased our dream home in Brittany. This beautiful home was filled with antique, dark hued and solid wood furniture that I could not bring myself to throw out. That is when my interest in transforming old unattractive furniture started… a new way of colouring my life.

15 years later, I realised that getting my hands dirty with paint and giving a second or third (or more) chance to tired furniture is what I wanted to spend most of my days doing. It is what made me happy and the transformations elated me!

So welcome to Chalk & Chic, where I’m hoping you will get inspired to get your hands dirty too and colour YOUR world.

PS: To be in complete harmony with my environment. I use natural Chalk & Mineral Paints on all my projects and I am a proud stockist of Frenchic Products which is eco-friendly with a stunning range of colours.

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